Rocky Mountain Precast a PCI certified Precast Plant has a well-developed Quality Control program and its main focus is to ensure that all work performed will be in accordance with the specifications outlined in PCI MNL-116. The main objectives are,

  • To monitor and control the production in all stages and deter the occurrences of errors so they can be corrected before they become a damaging and costly phenomenon.
  • To obtain the highest possible standard of precast product quality as demanded by relevant standards and specifications
  • To guarantee by documentations that the quality of the precast products has the desired level according to functionality, durability, and aesthetic appearance.
  • To highlight errors not discovered during the production and control process.


Quality Control Procedure

In general, the quality control procedure for precast concrete products includes the following,

  • Identification, examination, testing and acceptance of materials.
  • Inspection of beds/tables/moulds and forms prior to casting
  • Checking the dimensions of elements, reinforcement steel, inserts, other incorporated materials, openings, blackouts etc.
  • Inspection/test of concrete mixes, cube tests and production samples.
  • Regular inspection of batching, mixing, conveying, placing, compacting, finishing, and curing of concrete.
  • Final inspections of finished precast product prior to shipment i.e. monitoring dimensions, bowing, blackouts, and finishing.
  • General observation of plant equipment, working conditions, weather and other items that may potentially affect the product.




Jeremian Frey
Quality Control Manager