Safety at Rocky Mountain Precast is of utmost importance. We believe that safety comes before production and is the responsibility of all the staff starting with upper management.

We have adopted the STOP (Safety Training Observation Program) in our operation and this has contributed to our great success.

Safety Mission Statement

Rocky Mountain Precast, LLC believes the safety and health of our employees is of utmost importance. Safety and Health are a primary focus from top management down to the production line employee. Rocky Mountain Precast, LLC is determined to provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We can achieve this by eliminating or controlling both known and potential safety and health hazards our employees face on the job.

Our goal is an ACCIDENT FREE WORK PLACE through the application of:
  • Training and Education.
  • Continued application of STOP (Safety Training Observation Program).
  • Continuously assessing hazards in the work place and implementing proper controls to eliminate or reduce hazards.
  • Maintaining safe working equipment.
  • Enforcement of safety rules and guidelines (Safety is a "Condition of Employment).
  • Incentives program for safe working practices and injury free days.
Employees at all levels, including management, are responsible, and held accountable for the overall safety and health initiative which includes:
  • Development and implementation of the safety and health program.
  • Employee training and awareness.
  • Maintenance checks and services.
  • Reporting and assessment of all accidents and injuries for root causes.
  • Periodic review and refinement of safety and health program.
At Rocky Mountain Precast, LLC, Safety is a way of life and we believe every employee has the right to go home healthy and injury free at the end of the work day.